Top things to do

Top Choice International in Shishikui


A superb little spot a tad east of Shishikui, Bahati is run by keen surfer Tsuji-san. Serving everything from pasta to katsu-kareē (pork cutlet, curry and rice), Bahati has surfboards on the rafters, surf photos on …
Cafe in Shishikui

Cafe Hikōsen

This little roadside cafe is a locals' favourite, particularly for the impressive ¥540 Japanese/Western breakfast that will keep everyone satisfied. Expect a warm friendly welcome, an English menu (and possibly a sp…
Buddhist Temple in Hiwasa

Temple 23: Yakuō-ji

The major attraction of Hiwasa, Yakuō-ji, Temple 23, is the last temple in Tokushima Prefecture. Yakuō-ji dates back to the year 726, and is famous as a yakuyoke-no-tera (a temple with special powers to ward off ill…
Museum in Hiwasa

Sea Turtle Museum Caretta

Dedicated to sea turtles, the name Caretta for this museum comes from the scientific name for the Loggerhead Sea Turtle. Inside, there's a lot of turtle info, but the highlights are definitely the outside pools wher…
Cafe in Ikumi


Ikumi White Beach Hotel runs an inexpensive restaurant called Olu-Olu, featuring a picture menu and plenty of dog-eared Japanese surf mags. Eat inside, or there's a hole-in-the-wall ordering spot and terrace for eat…
Museum in Hiwasa

Mollusc Mugi Shell Museum

This mollusc-shaped structure is on a beach 4km east of the township of Mugi, 16km southwest of Hiwasa – inside, there's an impressive collection of shells, as well as live tropical specimens such as nautilus. Somew…
Beach in Hiwasa


Head east from the centre of Hiwasa out to the coast to find the attractive beach of Ōhama, a long stretch of sand where sea turtles come to lay their eggs from May to August each year. On heavy weather days, the wi…
Japanese Curry in Ikumi

Aunt Dinah

Japanese country music and a range of curries are available at this old-timey spot near the main crossroad in Kannoura. House specialities include a filling Thai coconut curry for ¥1390.