Tango Peninsula attractions

Village in Tango Peninsula


On the eastern side of the Tango Peninsula, Ine sits along the beautiful Ine-wan. The village's signature houses, called funaya, are built right over the water, so boats can moor underneath. The best way to see them…
Beach in Tango Peninsula


Stop for a dip at this pretty beach, hemmed in by pine-topped hills and with a tiny, naturally forming onsen pool (keep your swimsuit on).
Natural Feature in Tango Peninsula


Kyōga-misaki is a cape at the northernmost point of the Tango Peninsula. The name means 'cape of sutras' for the shape of the stone formations. A car park marks the start of the steep 400m hike to Kyōga-misaki light…
Lighthouse in Tango Peninsula

Kyōga-misaki Lighthouse

Kyōga-misaki lighthouse is at the end of Kyōga-misaki cape.