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Top Choice Museum in Tanegashima

Space Science & Technology Museum

Reopened in 2017 after an extensive re-design Tanegashima's Space Centre, on the spectacular southeastern coast of the island, is a large parklike complex with rocket-launch facilities. Its Space Science & Techn…
Museum in Tanegashima

Tanegashima Development Centre – Pistol Museum

Though one focus is on the history of guns in Tanegashima, with an excellent collection of antique firearms, this is actually a cultural and natural-history museum. The combined ticket includes admission to an inter…
Izakaya in Tanegashima

Koryōri Shirō

Head to this friendly little izakaya (Japanese pub-eatery) in Nishi-no-Omote to sample tasty dishes such as the sashimi teishoku (sashimi set; ¥1200). There are plants out the front and blue-and-white noren (doorway…
Beach in Tanegashima


Nearby to the Space Centre, this coastline is home to a beautiful stretch of white sand popular with surfers. The best spot to enjoy it is the beach in front of the Iwasaki Hotel (closest bus stop: Iwasaki Hotel), w…
Historic Building in Tanegashima


At the southern border of the Akaogi Castle ruins, this preserved samurai house and garden contains a few cultural artefacts. A short informational video is available in English, narrated by local students, and acco…
Beach in Tanegashima


The west coast of Tanegashima is home to a 12km stretch of beach known as the Nagahama-kaigan (coastline) that is equally popular with diehard surfers and egg-laying sea turtles.