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Getting There & Away

Reserved-seat Kuroshio liner limited-express (tokkyū) trains run hourly on the JR Kinokuni line to Kii-Tanabe from Tennōji (Osaka; ¥4320, two hours) and Shin-Osaka (¥4750, 2¼ hours). Some (six daily) continue along the peninsula from Kii-Tanabe to Kii-Katsuura (¥2630, 1¾ hours) and Shingū (¥3340, 2¼ hours); there are more frequent local trains that take about an hour longer (Kii-Katsuura/Shingū ¥970/1400).

Buses depart from stop 2 in front of Kii-Tanabe Station for Shingū, stopping at Takijiri (for Takijiri-ōji; ¥960, 40 minutes) and Hongū Taisha-mae (¥2060, 2¼ hours) along the Kumano Kodō; the first bus in the morning (departing at 6.25am) and several in the afternoon also stop at the onsen towns of Yunomine (¥1940, 1¾ hours), Watarase (¥1890, two hours) and Kawa-yu (¥1900, two hours).