Taketomi-jima attractions

Beach in Taketomi-jima


This lovely stretch of beach is on the southwest coast, also happens to be the main hoshi-suna (star sand) hunting ground. If you don't arrive bearing some kind of container for the minuscule treasures, there's usua…
Beach in Taketomi-jima

Kondoi Beach

Kondoi Beach, on the west coast, offers the best swimming on the island. At the entrance to the beach you'll find bike parking, picnic tables and toilets.
Viewpoint in Taketomi-jima


Roughly in the centre of the village, this modest lookout tower has good views over the red-tiled roofs of the pancake-flat island.
Shrine in Taketomi-jima

Nishitō Utaki

This shrine is dedicated to a 16th-century ruler of the Yaeyama Islands who was born on Taketomi-jima, and whose tomb lies behind the shrine.
Museum in Taketomi-jima

Kihōin Shūshūkan

At the west of the village, this private museum houses a diverse collection of local folk artefacts.
Gallery in Taketomi-jima

Taketomi Mingei-kan

This is the workshop where the island's woven minsā belts and other textiles are produced.