Top things to do

Top Choice Park in Takamatsu


One of the most beautiful gardens in the country, Ritsurin-kōen dates from the mid-1600s and took more than a century to complete. Designed as a walking garden for the enjoyment of the daimyō (regional lord), the pa…
Top Choice Izakaya in Takamatsu


Smiling mama-san sees all at this discreet seafood izakaya. Point to the menu items already plated – the pickled tako (octopus) is a mouthful – or ask for an osusume (recommendation). It's on the ground floor of a b…
Top Choice Bar in Takamatsu

King's Yawd

Chill out with the diverse crew that hangs out at this Jamaican bar. There's authentic Jamaican food (think jerk chicken and ackee) and generous cocktails, all to a background of reggae and red, gold and green decor…
Castle in Takamatsu


The site of Takamatsu's castle now forms delightful Tamamo-kōen, a park where the walls and seawater moat survive, along with several of the original turrets. Each spring a swimming race is held in the moat to honou…
Museum in Takamatsu

Takamatsu City Museum of Art

This impressive inner-city gallery is testament to Takamatsu's quality art scene. The light and spacious refitting of a former Bank of Japan building is a stroke of curatorial genius, well served by interesting exhi…
Izakaya in Takamatsu


This fabulous washofu (local eating house) in the heart of the entertainment district offers a well-priced and hearty dining experience. A number of delicious, preprepared vegetarian and fish dishes sit on the count…
Udon in Takamatsu


Sit at the counter and watch the noodles being pounded by hand in this popular spot, which is busy with the bar-hopping crowd until late into the night. The delicious karē (curry) udon is the most popular choice her…
Bar in Takamatsu


The scene here is so smooth you'll fall off your seat as the bookish owner spins vintage '60s and '70s funk and soul records from his enormous collection. Meanwhile, otherworldly waitresses hover through smoke to pr…
Udon in Takamatsu


One of Takamatsu's best-known udon shops, Kawafuku serves its silky Sanuki udon in a variety of ways. Choose from the plastic food models outside. Look for the red-and-white striped lanterns in front, along Lion-dōr…
Teahouse in Takamatsu


Sip matcha with a traditional sweet and enjoy various garden tableaux from the tatami rooms in the gorgeous spot at Ritsurin-kōen.