Top Choice Bar in Takamatsu

King's Yawd

Chill out with the diverse crew that hangs out at this Jamaican bar. There's authentic Jamaican food (think jerk chicken and ackee) and generous cocktails, all to a background of reggae and red, gold and green decor…
Bar in Takamatsu


The scene here is so smooth you'll fall off your seat as the bookish owner spins vintage '60s and '70s funk and soul records from his enormous collection. Meanwhile, otherworldly waitresses hover through smoke to pr…
Teahouse in Takamatsu


Sip matcha with a traditional sweet and enjoy various garden tableaux from the tatami rooms in the gorgeous spot at Ritsurin-kōen.
Bar in Takamatsu


The company of surreal feline imagery is an interesting companion to a fine whisky. There's an English sign outside, and plenty of hip weirdos inside.