Takachiho attractions

Top Choice Shinto Shrine in Takachiho


One of Shintō's loveliest shrines honours the cave where the goddess Amaterasu hid. The cave itself is off-limits, but Nishi Hongū (the shrine's main building) sits right across the Iwato-gawa. Ask a staff member to…
Top Choice Gorge in Takachiho

Takachiho Gorge

Takachiho's magnificent gorge, with its waterfall, overhanging rocks and sheer walls, was formed over 120,000 years ago by a double volcanic eruption. There's a 1km-long nature trail above the gorge. Alternatively, …
Shinto Shrine in Takachiho


About 10 minutes' walk from the bus centre, Takachiho-jinja is dramatically set in a grove of cryptomeria pines, including one that's over 800 years old. Some of the buildings here look as though they could almost b…