Top things to do

Top Choice Pub Food in Hakodate

Hakodate Beer

Scan the English menu at Hakodate Beer and choose from a variety of microbrews – from cold ales and golden wheat beers to dark stouts – to complement homemade pizzas and items from the grill including freshly caught…
Mountain in Hakodate

Hakodate-yama & Ropeway

Mention you've been to Hakodate and every Japanese person you know will ask if you took in the night view from atop Hakodate-yama – it's that famous! Take the ropeway (gondola) to the top for amazing views over the …
Top Choice Market in Hakodate

Hakodate Morning Market

Located just to the south of JR Hakodate Station, this market is a great place for hungry seafood lovers. Like tightly packed ammo, freshly caught squid glisten in ice-stuffed styrofoam. Most of the live commerce is…
Top Choice Brewery in Ōnuma Regional Park

Ōnuma Beer

For those who get a bit hot and thirsty, a five-minute walk from JR Ōnuma Kōen Station will bring you to Ōnuma Beer, a top spot to relax and try the highly recommended local brews.
Fort in Hakodate

Goryō-kaku Fort Park

Japan's first Western-style fort was built in 1864 in the shape of a five-pointed star (goryō-kaku means 'five-sided fort'), and was designed to trap attackers in deadly crossfire. Nothing remains of the actual fort…
Cultural in Hakodate

Hakodate Goryō-kaku Matsuri

Held on the third weekend in May, this festival features a parade of townsfolk dressed in the uniforms of the soldiers who took part in the Meiji Restoration battle of 1868.
Cultural in Hakodate

Hakodate Port Festival

During the Hakodate Port Festival in early August, groups of seafood-fortified locals (reportedly 10,000 of them) move like waves doing an energetic squid dance.
Castle in Southern Hokkaidō


Matsumae-jō, originally built in 1606, has undergone plenty of changes and currently houses feudal relics and a small collection of Ainu items. Around 10,000 cherry trees blossom in the park around the castle for ab…
Notable Building in Southern Hokkaidō


This well-preserved historic residence typifies Esashi's prosperous past with a gabled roof made of cypress and a foundation of stones shipped from the Hokuriku region. More than a residence, it was also office and …
Museum in Hakodate

Old Public Hall of Hakodate Ward

The old Public Hall of Hakodate Ward, built in 1910, is an ornate mansion awash in pale blues and yellows that reigns regally over the district. Inside are items of historical interest relating to the city, although…