Southern Hokkaidō drinking and nightlife

Top Choice Teahouse in Hakodate

Tea Shop Yūhi

Filling the halls of a wooden building from 1885 (actually the old Hakodate Quarantine Office) is this magical teahouse overlooking the water. It's lit only by natural light so closes after the sun sets. In the mean…
Brewery in Hakodate

Hakodate Beer

Hakodate Beer makes its beer right here on the bay with groundwater from Hakodate-yama. You can buy bottles or sample the brews on tap, served here along with typical Japanese-inflected pub food (like chips and frie…
Brewery in Ōnuma Kōen

Brau Haus Ōnuma

Come here to sample the local microbrew, Ōnuma Beer (大沼ビール), on tap – or get bottles to go.