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Top Choice Museum in Sōun-zan & Sengokuhara

Pola Museum of Art

Showcasing the private collection of the late Suzuki Tsuneshi, son of the founder of the Pola Group (a cosmetics company), this impressive building displays works from Van Gogh, Cézanne, Renoir, Matisse, Picasso and…
Volcano in Sōun-zan & Sengokuhara


The 'Great Boiling Valley' was created 3000 years ago when Kami-yama erupted and collapsed, also forming Ashino-ko. Hydrogen sulphide steams from the yellow ground here (the yellow is crystallized sulphur) and the h…
Japanese in Sōun-zan & Sengokuhara


Choose from a hodgepodge of Japanese favourites (tonkatsu, sashimi, curry rice) along with a few Western and even Chinese dishes in this retro family restaurant that's like dining in a late Showa-era (1970s) home.
Museum in Sōun-zan & Sengokuhara

Hakone Geomuseum

In the complex opposite the Ōwakudani ropeway station, this interactive natural history exhibit is a fun way to learn about the volcanic forces that created Hakone. Good for kids and curious adults alike.