Top Choice Museum in Sōun-zan & Sengokuhara

Pola Museum of Art

Showcasing the top-drawer collection of the late Suzuki Tsuneshi, son of the founder of the Pola Group (a cosmetics company), this quality museum is located in an equally impressive architect-designed building. Artw…
Volcano in Sōun-zan & Sengokuhara


The 'Great Boiling Valley' was created 3000 years ago when Kami-yama erupted and collapsed, also forming Ashino-ko. Hydrogen sulphide steams from the ground here and the hot water is used to boil onsen tamago, eggs …
Museum in Sōun-zan & Sengokuhara

Hakone Geomuseum

In the complex opposite the Ōwakudani ropeway station, this well-designed natural history exhibit is a fun way to learn about the volcanic forces that created Hakone. Good for kids and curious adults.