Top Choice Homewares in Downtown Kyoto


While you’re in Nishiki Market, have a look at this store – it has some of the best kitchen knives in the world. Choose your knife – all-rounder, sushi, vegetable – and the staff will show you how to care for it bef…
Top Choice Department Store in Marunouchi & Nihombashi


Mitsukoshi's venerable Nihombashi branch was Japan’s first department store. It's a grand affair with an entrance guarded by bronze lions and a magnificent statue of Magokoro, the Goddess of Sincerity, rising up fro…
Top Choice Department Store in Shibuya & Shimo-Kitazawa

Tokyu Hands

This DIY and zakka (miscellaneous goods) store has eight fascinating floors of everything you didn’t know you needed, including reflexology slippers, bee-venom face masks and cartoon-character-shaped rice-ball mould…
Top Choice Homewares in Marunouchi & Nihombashi


The flagship store of the famously understated brand sells elegant, simple clothing, accessories and homewares. There are scores of other outlets across Tokyo, including a good one in Tokyo Midtown, but the Yūrakuch…
Top Choice Department Store in Downtown Kyoto


The grande dame of Kyoto department stores, Takashimaya is almost a tourist attraction in its own right, from the mind-boggling riches of the basement food floor to the wonderful selection of lacquerware and ceramic…
Top Choice Department Store in Osaka

Hankyū Umeda Department Store

Hankyū, which first opened in 1929, pioneered the now ubiquitous concept of the train-station department store. One of Japan's largest department stores, 'Ume-Han' is also among the most fashion-forward, with a good…
Top Choice Homewares in Osaka

Tower Knives

Tower Knives has a fantastic selection of kitchen knives – both carbon steel and stainless steel; some are hand-forged by Osaka artisans. Best of all, the English-speaking staff will walk you through the different s…
Top Choice Homewares in Ueno, Yanesen & Komagome

Yanaka Matsunoya

At the top of Yanaka Ginza, Matsunoya sells household goods – baskets, brooms and canvas totes, for example – simple in beauty and form, and handmade by local artisans.
Department Store in Nagoya


Enjoy the genius of Komehyō, Japan's largest discounter of secondhand, well…everything. Housed over seven floors in the main building, clothes, jewellery and accessories are of excellent quality and are sold at reas…
Department Store in Downtown Kyoto

Tokyu Hands

While the Kyoto branch of Tokyu Hands doesn't have the selection of bigger branches in places like Tokyo, it's still well worth a browse for fans of gadgets and unique homewares. It's a good place for an interesting…