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Top Choice Museum in Shōdo-shima

Marukin Soy Sauce Historical Museum

Shōdo-shima was famous for its soy beans long before olives arrived, and several old soy-sauce companies are still in business here. Marukin has a small museum with displays of the sauce-making process, old implemen…
Landmark in Shōdo-shima

Nakayama Rice Fields

About 4km inland from the Ikeda ferry terminal are Nakayama's 'thousand rice fields'. The terraces are pretty in any season but are especially picturesque after rice planting in late April or early May, when the wat…
Park in Shōdo-shima

Shōdo-shima Olive Park

This park is where the island's olive-growing activities are celebrated with several whitewashed buildings, some fake Grecian ruins, a museum, and opportunities to buy olive-themed souvenirs. It's worth tolerating t…
Museum in Shōdo-shima

Twenty-Four Eyes Movie Village

Just north of Sakate is the turn-off to the picturesque fishing village of Tanoura (田ノ浦), site of the village school that featured in the film Twenty-Four Eyes. The film was based on a novel by local writer Tsuboi S…
Theatre in Shōdo-shima

Nōson Kabuki

Shōdo-shima was famous during the Edo period for its tradition of rural kabuki (stylised Japanese theatre), and two 17th-century thatched theatres survive in the mountain villages east of Tonoshō. Performances are h…
Beach in Shōdo-shima

Angel Road

Legend (or marketing) says if you stroll this sandbar dubbed 'Angel Road' with your loved one, your heart's desire will come true. In reality it's three islets that become connected at low tide, but it's a pretty sp…
Historic Building in Shōdo-shima

Misaki Branch School

Worth visiting in Tanoura is this perfectly preserved 1902 school, setting for the Twenty-Four Eyes story and the 1954 film. It's a short walk from the movie village on the road back to Sakate.