The cable car (寒霞渓ロープウエイ) is the main attraction at Kanka-kei in the central mountains, making a spectacular trip through the gorge – particularly impressive when the foliage is ablaze with autumn colours (drawing scores of leaf peepers). Hikers can also take in the breathtaking views of the Inland Sea from the area around the upper cable-car station without taking the ride.

Keen walkers can climb between the lower and upper cable-car stations via the Omote 12 Views (表12景; 2.3km) and Ura Eight Views (裏8景; 1.8km) tracks. There are other scenic walks from the upper station, including a hike to the eastern peak of Hoshigajō-yama (星ヶ城東峰; 817m).

On weekends, and on weekdays during peak periods, there are four buses a day from Kusakabe Port to the lower cable-car station (紅雲亭; Kōuntei), with additional services during the autumn leaf-viewing season. There are no buses during winter.