Top things to do in Shimonoseki

Top Choice Market in Shimonoseki

Karato Ichiba

A highlight of a trip to Shimonoseki is an early-morning visit to the Karato fish market. It's a great opportunity to try sashimi for breakfast or lunch, and fish doesn't get any fresher than this – a fair bit of it…
Top Choice Seafood in Shimonoseki


There's only one thing on the menu in this boisterous spot: pick from a range of fugu sets, such as the dinner Ebisu course, which features the cute little puffer in raw, seared, fried and drowned-in-sake incarnatio…
Shinto Shrine in Shimonoseki


This shrine is dedicated to the seven-year-old emperor Antoku, who died in 1185 in the battle of Dan-no-ura. On the left is a statue of Mimi-nashi Hōichi (Earless Hōichi), the blind bard whose musical talents get hi…
Park in Shimonoseki


About 5km northeast of Shimonoseki Station, this park has superb views over the Kanmon Straits from the top of 268m-high Hino-yama. To get to the lookout's ropeway, get off the bus at Mimosusōgawa (¥260, 12 minutes)…
Cafe in Shimonoseki

Antiques & Oldies

At the back of a charming antique shop in Chōfu's castle-town area is this small cafe, serving up bagel sandwich sets, coffees, juices and cakes. There are just a few tables inside and a shady outdoor terrace. It's …
Gallery in Shimonoseki

Shimonoseki City Art Museum

The Shimonoseki City Art Museum, on the main road at the edge of the old Chōfu area, houses an eclectic collection of local art, which is rotated based on changing themes. There are regular temporary exhibits, somet…
Sushi in Shimonoseki

Kaiten Karato Ichiba Sushi

This conveyor-belt sushi restaurant on the 2nd floor, right above the fish market, is a great place to get your hands on the freshest fish without needing to know what they're all called. It's closed when the market…
Tower in Shimonoseki

Kaikyō Yume Tower

This 153m tower looks like a midget skyscraper topped by a futuristic billiard ball. Head to the observatory for 360-degree views across Shimonoseki and the strait. There are also views from the cafe on the 29th flo…
Seafood in Shimonoseki

Kamon Wharf

Eateries and shops here specialise in local goodies. Seekers of only-in-Japan culinary experiences can look out for the uni-flavoured ice cream (うにソフトクリーム; sea urchin) and fugu burgers (ふぐバーガー).
Cultural in Shimonoseki

Sentei Festival

Held at Akama-jingū to remember the Heike women who worked as prostitutes to pay for rites for their fallen relatives. On 3 May, women dressed as Heian-era courtesans form a colourful procession at the shrine.