Shimonoseki restaurants

Top Choice Seafood in Shimonoseki


There's only one thing on the menu in this boisterous spot: pick from a range of fugu sets, such as the dinner Ebisu course, which features the cute little puffer in raw, seared, fried and drowned-in-sake incarnatio…
Cafe in Shimonoseki

Antiques & Oldies

At the back of a charming antique shop in Chōfu's castle-town area is this small cafe, serving up bagel sandwich sets, coffees, juices and cakes. There are just a few tables inside and a shady outdoor terrace. It's …
Sushi in Shimonoseki

Kaiten Karato Ichiba Sushi

This conveyor-belt sushi restaurant on the 2nd floor, right above the fish market, is a great place to get your hands on the freshest fish without needing to know what they're all called. It's closed when the market…
Seafood in Shimonoseki

Kamon Wharf

Eateries and shops here specialise in local goodies. Seekers of only-in-Japan culinary experiences can look out for the uni-flavoured ice cream (うにソフトクリーム; sea urchin) and fugu burgers (ふぐバーガー).
Seafood in Shimonoseki


No puffed-up decor, but you'll catch lots of fresh pufferfish set meals and even a sea breeze at this relaxed corner restaurant on the wharf. An English picture menu is available; order from the machine. Look for th…
International in Shimonoseki

Sea Mall Shimonoseki

Near the station on the upper floors of this shopping complex, restaurants serve international and good local food, all with menus and displays in the windows. Budget options are in the basement.