Top Choice Market in Shimonoseki

Karato Ichiba

A highlight of a trip to Shimonoseki is an early-morning visit to the Karato fish market. It's a great opportunity to try sashimi for breakfast or lunch, and the fish doesn't get any fresher – a fair bit of it will …
Buddhist Temple in Shimonoseki


This National Treasure is the family burial temple of the local Mōri lords, and has a Zen-style hall dating from 1327, making it the oldest example of Zen Buddhist architecture in Japan.
Gallery in Shimonoseki

Shimonoseki City Art Museum

The Shimonoseki City Art Museum is on the main road at the edge of the old Chōfu area. It houses an eclectic collection of local art, which is rotated based on changing themes. There are regular temporary exhibits, …
Tower in Shimonoseki

Kaikyō Yume Tower

This 153m tower looks like a midget skyscraper topped by a futuristic billiard ball. Head to the observatory for 360-degree views.
Aquarium in Shimonoseki

Shimonoseki Kaikyō-kan

See fugu and penguins, among other fishy attractions, at Shimonoseki’s aquarium. There are also dolphin shows, which may not sit well with some. Welfare groups believe keeping dolphins captive causes them harm.
Shinto Shrine in Shimonoseki


Bright vermilion, Akama-jinjū is a shrine dedicated to the seven-year-old emperor Antoku, who died in 1185 in the battle of Dan-no-ura. On the left is a statue of Mimi-nashi Hōichi (Earless Hōichi), the blind bard w…
Tunnel in Shimonoseki

Kanmon Tunnel

This is where you come to get that picture of yourself with one foot in Honshū and the other in Kyūshū. For the 780m submarine walk to Kyūshū, take the bus from the station to the Mimosusōgawa bus stop (¥260, 12 min…
Gardens in Shimonoseki


A garden set around a pond and famous for its flowers in spring and autumn.
Historic Building in Shimonoseki

Chōfu Mōri Residence

A well-preserved 100-year-old home and garden, where you can also have some matcha (powdered green tea).
Park in Shimonoseki


About 5km northeast of Shimonoseki Station, this park has superb views over the Kanmon Straits from the top of 268m-high Hino-yama. To get to the lookout's ropeway, get off the bus at Mimosusōgawa (御裳川; ¥260, 12 min…