Top things to do in Shimoda

Top Choice Street in Shimoda

Perry Road

It takes less than 10 minutes to walk end-to-end of this quaint cobbled street shadowing a narrow stream leading to Ryōsen-ji temple. However, the appealing ambience of old houses under willow trees now occupied by …
Top Choice Japanese in Shimoda


Elegant, understated ambience and fantastic seafood. The isōjiru soup is made from more than a dozen varieties of shellfish and looks like a tide pool in a bowl. The sashimi-don (rice bowl), not on the English menu,…
Buddhist Temple in Shimoda

Ryōsen-ji & Chōraku-ji

A 15-minute walk south of Shimoda Station is Ryōsen-ji, site of the treaty that opened Shimoda, signed by Commodore Perry and representatives of the Tokugawa shogunate. The temple's Museum of the Black Ship stands s…
Japanese in Shimoda


In a 140-year-old former shipping workshop, this funky snack shack hawks yummy tako-yaki (fried wheat balls filled with octopus) and shimodoyaki, its own creation with squid, shrimp, egg and seaweed. During winter i…
Temple in Shimoda


Founded in 1590, this Zen temple is most famous as the first Western consulate in Japan, established in 1856. A small museum has artefacts of the life of American Townsend Harris, the first consul general. It's a 25…
Burgers in Shimoda

Edy Burger

A hip young family moved here from Yokohama run this tiny burger counter grilling a range of stacked sandwiches including spicy chilli, three cheese, and avocado, along with fried chicken, tacos and a daily soup. It…
Izakaya in Shimoda

Nami Nami

This friendly counter bar has a retro vibe and an inventive menu including local fish (honjitsu no sakana) and assorted delicacies served yakitori-style or breaded and fried. Look for the yellow sign.
Cafe in Shimoda


Run by a cool couple who abandoned Tokyo for the slower life of Shimoda, this cafe-bar offers excellent coffee and alcoholic beverages, plus pasta and paninis (mains ¥1000). Look for it opposite the green church.
Noodles in Shimoda


In business since 1916, serving hearty comfort food such as kamo nabeyaki udon (duck hotpot; ¥1000). Look for the model raccoon by the entrance. They have an English menu for a few main dishes.
Bar in Shimoda

Soul Bar Tosaya

Halfway along Perry Rd, this atmospheric spot mashes up a traditional residence from the era of the Black Ships with a soul-music bar. Note the ¥500 'music charge' per person. It also serves meals.