Top Choice Japanese in Shimoda


Elegant, understated ambience and fantastic seafood. The isōjiru soup is made from more than a dozen varieties of shellfish and looks like a tide pool in a bowl. The sashimi-don (rice bowl), not on the English menu,…
International in Shimoda

Nanz Kitchen

The anchor of the new Nanz Village complex, this stylish restaurant serves seasonal French-esque, Japanese-ish cuisine, utilising as many fresh, locally sourced ingredients as possible, including venison and fish. T…
Italian in Shimoda

Porto Caro

This trattoria is run by Yokoyama Ikuyo, a friendly woman who wrote a book about Mishima Yukio (the famous writer, actor and film director), whom she met as a teenager – hence they have Mishima's favourite cake, the…
Izakaya in Shimoda

Nami Nami

This friendly counter bar has a retro vibe and an inventive menu, including local fish (honjitsu no sakana) and assorted delicacies served yakitori-style or breaded and fried. Look for the yellow sign.
Cafe in Shimoda


Diner serving tasty Shimoda fish burgers with Camembert, and shrimp burgers with a big dollop of fresh avocado, plus a side of onion rings and cold beer. Just behind the harbour museum at the fishing port.
Sushi in Shimoda

Sushi Take

Try the excellent sets at this friendly spot near Perry Rd, such as the jizakana sushi setto (local-fish sushi set, ¥1500). There’s a picture menu, and a green-and-white sign outside.
Noodles in Shimoda


In business since 1916, serving hearty comfort food such as kamo nabeyaki udon (duck hotpot; ¥1000); there's a big badger out the front. They have an English menu for a few main dishes.