Shimoda attractions

Top Choice Street in Shimoda

Perry Road

It takes less than 10 minutes to walk end-to-end of this quaint cobbled street shadowing a narrow stream leading to Ryōsen-ji temple. However, the appealing ambience of old houses under willow trees now occupied by …
Buddhist Temple in Shimoda

Ryōsen-ji & Chōraku-ji

A 15-minute walk south of Shimoda Station is Ryōsen-ji, site of the treaty that opened Shimoda, signed by Commodore Perry and representatives of the Tokugawa shogunate. The temple's Museum of the Black Ship stands s…
Temple in Shimoda


Founded in 1590, this Zen temple is most famous as the first Western consulate in Japan, established in 1856. A small museum has artefacts of the life of American Townsend Harris, the first consul general. It's a 25…
Park in Shimoda

Shimoda Kōen

If you keep walking east from Perry Rd, you can climb the steps into the hillside park of Shimoda Kōen, which overlooks the bay. It's loveliest in June, when the hydrangeas are in bloom.
Museum in Shimoda

Museum of the Black Ship

This small museum displays artefacts and artwork relating to the reception of Commodore Matthew Perry and his gunboats, dubbed 'Black Ships' by locals both for their paint job and the smoke belching from their coal-…
Monument in Shimoda

Perry Monument

The plinth-mounted bust of Matthew C Perry commemorates the landing of the US commodore and his men at this spot in 1854, a short hop from Perry Road.