Tickets in Matsue

Perfect Ticket

This excellent value three-day pass of unlimited travel within the Ensubu area (Izumo and Matsue in Shimane, and Sakaiminato in Tottori) includes the Ichibata train line; Matsue City buses and Lake Line bus; Izumo a…
Bicycle Rental in Matsue

Times Car Rental

Bicycle rental that allows bikes to be returned to six different locations in Matsue. Predictably, they also rent cars!
Bicycle Rental in Matsue

Eki Rent-A-Car

Rents bicycles for free if you have a JR West Pass. Inside Matsue Station car park.
Ferry in Oki Islands

Oki Kisen

Runs ferries to the Oki Islands, including an express service, the Rainbow Jet.
Ferry in Oki Islands

Inter-island Ferry

Operates the Isokaze and Dōzen ferries between islands.
Bicycle Rental in Tsuwano


Bicycle hire in front of the station.
Airport in Izumo

Izumo Airport

Airport in Dōgo

Oki Airport

Train in Tsuwano

SL Yamaguchi

Bus Station in Tsuwano

Tsuwano Bus Centre