Top Choice Cultural in Tsuwano


At Washibara Hachiman-gū (鷲原八幡宮), south of town about 4km from the station, crowds gather to watch archery contests on horseback on the second Sunday in April.
Cultural in Matsue

Matsue Suitōro

In Matsue's night festival of water and light, hand-painted lanterns create atmospheric paths of light around the moat and up to the castle grounds of Matsue-jō, where there are group drumming battles and outdoor fo…
Religious in Izumo


The 10th month of the lunar calendar is known throughout Japan as Kan-na-zuki (Month without Gods). In Izumo, however, it is known as Kami-ari-zuki (Month with Gods), for this is the month when all the Shintō gods c…
Dance in Tsuwano

Sagi-mai Matsuri

The Heron Dance Festival sees processions of dancers dressed as herons on 20 and 27 July.