Cultural in Matsue

Matsue Suitōro

In Matsue's night festival of water and light, hand-painted lanterns create atmospheric paths of light around the moat and up to the castle grounds of Matsue-jō, where there are group drumming battles and outdoor fo…
Religious in Izumo


The 10th month of the lunar calendar is known throughout Japan as Kan-na-zuki (Month without Gods). In Izumo, however, it is known as Kami-ari-zuki (Month with Gods), for this is the month when all the Shintō gods c…
Cultural in Tsuwano


At Washibara Hachiman-gū (鷲原八幡宮), southwest of town (about 4km from the station), crowds gather to watch archery contests on horseback on the second Sunday in April.
Dance in Tsuwano

Sagi-mai Matsuri

The Heron Dance Festival sees processions of dancers dressed as herons on 20 and 27 July. The birds are a symbol of Tsuwano.