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Airline in Shikoku

Japan Airlines

Ferry in Shikoku

Nankai Ferry

Ferry in Shikoku

Ocean Tōkyū Ferry

Ferry in Shikoku

Jumbo Ferry

Airport in Tokushima

Tokushima Awaodori Airport

Tokushima's airport is reached by bus (¥440, 30 minutes, buses timed to coincide with flights) from bus stop No 1 in front of the station.
Bicycle Rental in Tokushima

Rental Bicycles

Available from the underground bike park to the left as you leave the station.
Chairlift in Tsurugi-san


Ferry in Yawatahama

Uwajima Unyu Ferry

Regular services from Yawatahama to Beppu (¥3100, three hours, six daily) and Usuki (¥2310, 2½ hours, six or seven daily) on Kyūshū.
Ferry in Matsuyama

Setonaikai Kisen