Top ChoiceMountain in Tokushima


At the foot of Bizan, the 280m-high summit at the southwestern end of Shinmachibashi-dōri, the Bizan Ropeway whizzes you to the top for fine city views. A combined ticket for the cable car, museum and dance show...

Park in Tokushima


Northeast of the train station is Tokushima's central park, Chūō-kōen, a lovely place for a stroll. You'll find the scant ruins of Tokushima-jō (Tokushima Castle) and the beautiful Senshūkaku-teien, an intimate...

Theatre in Tokushima

Awa Jūrobe Yashiki Puppet Theatre

For hundreds of years, puppet theatre thrived in the farming communities around Tokushima. Performances can still be seen here, in the former residence of Bandō Jūrobe, a samurai who allowed himself to be...

Museum in Tokushima

Tokushima Modern Art Museum

With a permanent collection that includes modern masters, both Japanese and Western, this surprisingly sophisticated prefectural museum houses two- and three-dimensional art by Picasso and Klee as well as by...

Museum in Tokushima

Awa Odori Kaikan

Awa Odori Kaikan features extensive exhibits relating to the Awa-odori Matsuri and dance. The dance is performed for visitors at 2pm, 3pm and 4pm daily (and also at 11am on weekends), with a nightly performance...

Cable Car in Tokushima

Bizan Ropeway

A cable car whizzes guests to the top of Mt Bizan for fine views over the city.

Museum in Tokushima

Tokushima Castle Museum

You can get a glimpse into the castle's former Edo-period grandeur at Tokushima Castle Museum, which contains a model of the castle town as well as artefacts from this period. On display in the museum are the...

Museum in Tokushima

Awa Deko Ningyō Kaikan

This small museum displays puppets made by the in-house master at Awa Jūrobe Yashiki Puppet Theatre, who also gives talks (in Japanese) on the puppet-making process.

Gardens in Tokushima


Adjacent to Tokushima Castle Museum is the beautiful Senshūkaku-teien, an intimate 16th-century garden featuring rock bridges and secluded ponds.