Tairyū-ji Ropeway

Top choice Cable Car

in Tokushima & the Anan Coast

For years, hard-to-get-to mountaintop temples wondered how to make themselves more accessible to an ageing population. As a result, the Tairyū-ji Ropeway, a 2.7km cable car, the longest 'ropeway' in western Japan, was built in 1992 and whisks pilgrims and sightseers alike from Washi-no-sato in Naka-chō up to Tairyū-ji, number 21 of the Sacred 88.

Magnificent views justify the effort to get here. Getting to the rural ropeway base will be a lot easier with your own wheels, but you can also get here by bus from Tokushima Station in 1½ hours. There's a museum, a restaurant and place to stay at the bottom of the ropeway. Make sure to take your passport as there is often a half-price discount to foreign visitors.