Top Choice Udon in Yashima

Udon Honjin Yamada-ya

Something special not too far from the base of the Yakuri Cable Car out east of Takamatsu. This is udon in a lovely setting in the old Yamada residence, a 'Cultural Property of Japan', eating in elegant tatami rooms…
Top Choice Soba in Ōboke & Koboke

Iya-soba Momiji-tei

At the West-West centre, Momiji-tei offers a good opportunity to try Iya soba. It's the lovely old building in the garden at the northern end of the complex. Try the tempura soba set (¥1450), either hot or cold.
Soba in Nishi Iya

Iya Bijin

For a taste of local Iya soba, try Iya Bijin, in an attractive black-and-white building with lanterns hanging out the front, overlooking the gorge. Try a simple plate of zaru soba (cold noodles with dipping sauce), …
Noodles in Matsuyama

Goshiki Sōmen

Next to the central post office is this elegant Matsuyama institution, which specialises in goshiki sōmen (thin noodles in five different colours). You'll recognise it by the piles of colourful noodles in the window…
Soba in Higashi Iya

Soba Dōjō

At Soba Dōjō on Route 439, you can sample a bowl of zaru soba (cold noodles with dipping sauce) and even make your own (¥2500; reservations required). The restaurant has a rusty reddish roof, and a brown curtain han…
Udon in Kotohira

Konpira Udon

Just short of the first set of steps leading up Konpira-san, this is one of dozens of Sanuki udon joints in Kotohira. You can't miss it: the front window shows off the busy udon-makers rolling out dough and slicing …
Udon in Takamatsu


Sit at the counter and watch the noodles being pounded by hand in this popular spot, which is busy with the bar-hopping crowd until late into the night. The delicious karē (curry) udon is the most popular choice her…
Udon in Takamatsu


One of Takamatsu's best-known udon shops, Kawafuku serves its silky Sanuki udon in a variety of ways. Choose from the plastic food models outside. Look for the red-and-white striped lanterns in front, along Lion-dōr…
Udon in Tokushima

Self Udon Yama

'Self Udon' is very popular – line up at the counter, then when it's your turn, choose cold or hot noodles before heading further along the counter to pick toppings, side-dishes and broth. Everything is added up whe…