Top Choice Japanese in Kōchi

Hirome Ichiba

Some hundred or so mini-restaurants specialising in everything from gomoku rāmen (seafood noodles) to tako-yaki (octopus balls) surround communal tables; this is the hub of Kōchi's cheap eats scene. On weekends, it …
Okonomiyaki in Kōchi


This is one of the few remaining cook-it-yourself okonomiyaki joints in Kōchi serving cheap and cheerful Japanese pancakes (¥650), with good English spoken by the waiters. The 'mix' of ika (squid) and ebi and tori (…
Izakaya in Tokushima


Named after an anime character who always arrives in the nick of time, Kisuke has built a reputation for imaginative seafood dishes. Get a recommendation for the freshest specials by asking, 'Osusume wa arimasu ka?'…
Soba in Nishi Iya

Iya Bijin

For a taste of local Iya soba, try Iya Bijin, in an attractive black-and-white building with lanterns hanging out the front. Try a simple plate of zaru soba (cold noodles with dipping sauce), or a lunch set that inc…
Soba in Higashi Iya

Soba Dōjō

At Soba Dōjō on Rte 439, you can sample a bowl of zaru soba and even make your own (¥2500; reservations required). The restaurant has a reddish roof, and a yellow curtain hanging over the door.
Izakaya in Kōchi


Uofuku is a fabulous curb-side izakaya (pub-eatery) on a quiet backstreet behind the arcade. Fish is the order of the day, handpicked from the tank by the door. The menu is a mess of kanji; try the katsuo tataki (ar…
Izakaya in Kōchi


Red lanterns mark out this locals' izakaya that opens at the shockingly early hour of 11am. The food is under glass on the counter, so you can point at what you'd like to order. Sashimi moriawase (a selection of sas…
Izakaya in Uwajima


This formal izakaya has been serving up local food for over 70 years. If you request 'Kyōdo ryōri' (郷土料理) – meaning 'local cuisine' – the friendly owner should unlock his secrets. There's usually an English-speaker …
Izakaya in Matsuyama

Tengu no Kakurega

A chic izakaya serving yakitori and other dishes in a pleasant setting; try the omakase (chef's choice) set of grilled, skewered carnivorous delights (¥1260). Paper screens give onto a little garden at the back. Loo…
Udon in Kotohira

Konpira Udon

Just short of the first set of steps leading up Konpira-san, this is one of dozens of Sanuki udon joints in Kotohira. You can't miss it, as the front window shows off the busy udon-makers rolling out dough and slici…