Top Choice Japanese in Shimanto City


The three kanji characters that make up this classy restaurant's name say it all – mountain, river, sea. Out at the spectacular Iyashi-no-sato eco-hotel, Sanzenkai uses locally sourced seasonal ingredients to tempt …
Top Choice Seafood in Matsuyama

Kappō Yano

Yano-san and his family have been running their local's seafood place for over 30 years a block back from APA Hotel in Matsumae-chō. Serving traditional meals, choose from his chef's omakase courses from ¥3000, or g…
Top Choice Japanese in Kōchi

Hirome Ichiba

Dozens of mini-restaurants and bars specialising in everything from gomoku rāmen (seafood noodles) to tako-yaki (octopus balls) surround communal tables; this is the hub of Kōchi's cheap-eats scene. On weekends, it …
Top Choice Cafe in Tokushima

YRG Café

This lovely little cafe down by the train tracks is run by friendly English-speaking Takao. YRG, meaning 'Yellow, Red, Green', serves up nutritious, comforting meals that meet well-balanced diets. Whatever you order…
Top Choice Cafe in Matsuyama

Café Bleu

This lovely little music cafe serves tasty, simple sustenance with a picture menu and daily specials. The decor includes photos of Andy Warhol and Mick Jagger spying on you in the bathroom, vintage typewriters and s…
Top Choice International in Shishikui


A superb little spot a tad east of Shishikui, Bahati is run by keen surfer Tsuji-san. Serving everything from pasta to katsu-kareē (pork cutlet, curry and rice), Bahati has surfboards on the rafters, surf photos on …
Top Choice Izakaya in Takamatsu


Smiling mama-san sees all at this discreet seafood izakaya. Point to the menu items already plated – the pickled tako (octopus) is a mouthful – or ask for an osusume (recommendation). It's on the ground floor of a b…
Top Choice Seafood in Uwajima


This restaurant, just off the arcade, is an elegant spot to try the local tai (sea bream) specialities, available here as a tai-meshi gozen (sea bream set course; ¥1880). There is a picture menu, plenty of small pla…
Top Choice Udon in Yashima

Udon Honjin Yamada-ya

Something special not too far from the base of the Yakuri Cable Car out east of Takamatsu. This is udon in a lovely setting in the old Yamada residence, a 'Cultural Property of Japan', eating in elegant tatami rooms…
Top Choice Soba in Ōboke & Koboke

Iya-soba Momiji-tei

At the West-West centre, Momiji-tei offers a good opportunity to try Iya soba. It's the lovely old building in the garden at the northern end of the complex. Try the tempura soba set (¥1450), either hot or cold.