Top ChoiceCastle in Kōchi



Kōchi-jō is one of just a dozen castles in Japan to have survived with its original tenshu-kaku (keep) intact. The castle was originally built during the first decade of the 17th century by Yamanouchi Katsutoyo,...

Top ChoiceMuseum in Kōchi

Kōchi Castle Museum of History

This new museum (opened in 2017), celebrating the history of Kōchi castle, is an architectural achievement in its own right. Entry is free to the museum shop (1st floor) and to the 2nd floor cafe and terrace –...

Top ChoiceBuddhist Temple in Ashizuri-misaki

Temple 38: Kongōfuku-ji

The grounds of Temple 38, set on dramatic Ashizuri-misaki, feel incredibly tropical and consist of a diverse array of small temples, statues, gardens and ponds. Walking pilgrims breathe a sigh of relief on...

Top ChoiceMarket in Kōchi

Sunday Market

Our favourite street market in Shikoku is 300 years old and takes place every Sunday along 1.3km of Ōte-suji, the main road leading to the castle. Around 430 colourful stalls sell fresh produce, tonics and...

Buddhist Temple in Kōchi

Temple 31: Chikurin-ji

At Godaisan in the east of the city, you'll find Chikurin-ji, Temple 31 of the 88. The extensive grounds feature a five-storey pagoda and thousands of statues of the Bodhisattva Jizō, guardian deity of children...

Museum in Kōchi

Ino Japanese Paper Museum

Discover the history and development of washi (Japanese paper) at Ino, about 10km west of downtown Kōchi. There are demonstrations of nagashizuki papermaking techniques and on the first Sunday of every month,...

Cave in Kōchi Prefecture


This popular cave has some interesting stalactites and stalagmites, and traces of prehistoric habitation. The route gets quite steep in places. Visitors on a standard ticket will see about 1km of the 4km cave....

Museum in Kōchi

Sakamoto Ryōma Memorial Museum

At Katsura-hama, this museum tells the story of hometown hero Sakamoto Ryōma. Born in Kōchi in 1835, Ryōma brought about the alliance between the Satsuma (modern Kagoshima) and Chōshū (Yamaguchi) domains that...

Park in Kōchi


Several kilometres east of the town centre is the mountain of Godaisan, where you can enjoy excellent views of the city from a lookout point (展望台). Near the top of the hill is Chikurin-ji, Temple 31 of the 88. By...

Landmark in Kōchi


This tiny reconstructed bridge from the Edo period is renowned throughout Japan thanks to a romantic song in which it features. For older Japanese people, this is the major Kōchi landmark and obligatory photos...

Beach in Kōchi


Katsura-hama is a popular beach 12km south of central Kōchi at the point where Kōchi's harbour empties out into the bay. Strong currents prohibit swimming, but it's a lovely spot to stroll, with a small shrine...

Statue in Ashizuri-misaki

John Manjirō Statue

On a bluff at Ashizuri-misaki is an imposing statue of local hero John Manjirō. Born in 1836 as Nakahama Manjirō, the young fisherman was swept onto Tori-shima's desolate shores in 1841. He and his shipmates were...

Gardens in Kōchi

Kōchi Prefectural Makino Botanical Garden

Next to Chikurin-ji entrance gates on the south side of Godaisan, east of the city centre, are the impressive Kōchi Prefectural Makino Botanical Gardens, which feature more than 3000 different plant species.