Tourist Information in Uchiko

Uchiko Visitor Centre

Offers English-speaking staff, maps, brochures and local information, and can also arrange enthusiastic English-speaking volunteer guides ( with an advance booking. The visitor centre …
Tourist Information in Iya Valley Area

Miyoshi City Tourism Association

The Miyoshi City Tourism Association is an excellent place to get your bearings. Located right outside the JR Awa-Ikeda Station, it offers a plethora of English-language maps, pamphlets and public transport schedule…
Tourist Information in Kōchi

Tourist Information Office

The helpful tourist information pavilion out front at JR Kōchi Station provides English-language maps, Kōchi mini-guidebooks, accommodation help and more. There's always an enthusiastic English-speaker on hand. Free…
Tourist Information in Kotohira

Kotohira Trip Base Kotori

As the Tourist Information Office is devoid of English speakers, they send foreigners to this privately run place instead. They can tell you everything you want to know about Kotohira, and also offer coffee, cake an…
Tourist Information in Ōboke & Koboke

Ōboke Station Tourist Information Office

This extremely efficient office with English-speaking staff on hand and tons of brochures and maps is right in tiny Ōboke station. Staff can help with organising your trip over the hill and into the Iya Valley. Open…
Tourist Information in Matsuyama

Ehime Prefectural International Centre

Provides advice, internet access and bike rental. EPIC is near the Minami-machi (南町; Kenmin Bunkakaikan-mae) tram stop. Get off the tram, look towards the castle, and you'll see a sign about 200m away above the road…
Tourist Information in Kotohira

Kotohira Tourist Information Office

Just before the start of the steps up Konpira-san, this small information centre offers up maps and English brochures for the town. A limited number of rental bicycles (per hour/day ¥100/500) are also available.
Tourist Information in Kanonji

Tourist Information Office

Over the bridge from the station in the Taishō-bashi Plaza, you'll find all sorts of info here, plus regular (¥100 per day) and electric-assist (¥1000 per day) rental bicycles for use between 9am and 4.30pm.
Tourist Information in Takamatsu

Kagawa International Exchange Centre

In the northwest corner of Chūō-kōen, this international exchange association has a small library, a lounge and English-language speakers who can communicate with international residents and visitors.
Tourist Information in Shimanto City

Shimanto City Tourist Information Office

This office, on the left as you exit JR Nakamura Station, has an English-speaker on hand, an excellent English-language guide to the area, and can help book local accommodation and trips.