Top Choice Castle in Kōchi


Kōchi-jō is one of just a dozen castles in Japan to have survived with its original tenshu-kaku (keep) intact. The castle was originally built during the first decade of the 17th century by Yamanouchi Katsutoyo, who…
Top Choice Castle in Matsuyama


Perched on top of Mt Katsuyama in the centre of town, the castle dominates the city, as it has for centuries. Matsuyama-jō is one of Japan's finest surviving castles, and one of the very few with anything interestin…
Top Choice Mountain in Tokushima


At the foot of Bizan, the 280m-high summit at the southwestern end of Shinmachibashi-dōri, Awa Odori Kaikan features extensive exhibits relating to the Awa-odori Matsuri and dance. The dance is performed at 2pm, 3pm…
Top Choice Buddhist Temple in Zentsū-ji


If you only have time for one temple, then make it Zentsū-ji, number 75 of the 88 Temples and the place where Kōbō Daishi was born. The temple boasts a truly magnificent five-storey pagoda and giant camphor trees th…
Top Choice Theatre in Kotohira


Japan's oldest kabuki playhouse, though it had a lengthy stint as a cinema before falling out of use. The restorations are superb; wander backstage and see the revolving-stage mechanism, basement trapdoors and a tun…
Top Choice Park in Takamatsu


One of the most beautiful gardens in the country, Ritsurin-kōen dates from the mid-1600s and took more than a century to complete. Designed as a walking garden for the daimyō's enjoyment, the park winds around a ser…
Top Choice Museum in Yashima


About 500m north of the station, Shikoku-mura is an excellent village museum that houses old buildings transported here from all over Shikoku and neighbouring islands. The village's fine kabuki stage came from Shōdo…
Top Choice Shinto Shrine in Kotohira


Konpira-san or, more formally, Kotohira-gū, was originally a Buddhist and Shintō temple dedicated to the guardian of mariners. It became exclusively a Shintō shrine after the Meiji Restoration.A lot of fuss is made …
Beach in Kōchi


Katsura-hama is a popular beach 13km south of central Kōchi at the point where Kōchi's harbour empties out into the bay. Unfortunately, strong currents prohibit swimming, but it's a lovely spot to stroll, with a sma…
Gardens in Kōchi

Kōchi Prefectural Makino Botanical Garden

On the south side of Godaisan-kōen east of the city centre are the Kōchi Prefectural Makino Botanical Gardens, which feature more than 3000 different plant species.