Shiga Prefecture restaurants

Sweets in Ōtsu

Chikara Mochi

Chikara Mochi has been making its signature pillow-soft mochi (pounded-rice cakes), generously dusted with a mix of kinako (roasted soy-bean flour) and matcha (powdered green tea), for over 200 years. The stall, wit…
Noodles in Nagahama


The signature dish here is local speciality yakisaba-sōmen (grilled mackerel over thin wheat noodles). The restaurant is inside a 150-year-old wooden building, with seating on tatami mats (the best ones face an inne…
Soba in Hikone


This soba restaurant is the top pick along Yumekyō-bashi Castle Rd. Try the nishin-soba (soba with herring), a local speciality. From the castle end of the street it's about 100m along on the left – look for the whi…