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Takashima Biwa Lake, Rice Terraces Private Cycling Tour, Lunch

On this tour, you will be visiting the Takashima area on the northwest side of Lake Biwa that offers exceptionally charming views of both the lake and mountains. In this rare and exclusive experience, you will also stand along side the farmer's wife and assist as she prepares a simple and amazing multi-course lunch. During lulls in the preparation, step outside to enjoy the most commanding views of the picturesque rice terraces, taking your leisure to stroll among them. Those with an interest in photography will particularly enjoy the vantage points this access provides.
6 hours
Cultural & Theme Tours

Countryside Experience - Lake Biwa, Omi beef, Terraced rice-fields, Sake... -

Japanese Countryside Experience -Try Omi beef, View Terraced rice-fields, and Make your own bottle of Japanese sake, “Matsu no hana”-The Japanese Countryside Experience is one of our innovative short escorted tours with luxury transport, allowing you to relax and enjoy Japanese cultural experience. Discover the magnificent beauty of the largest Japanese lake, Lake Biwa. Explore the history and tradition of Omi province, and indulge your taste buds with Omi wagyu beef, one of the three major wagyu brands. We will also take you to a local sake brewery producing a well-known sake brand, “Matsu no hana” made with clear natural spring water and delicious rice. In the brewery, you will enjoy an exclusive Japanese culture experience programme with their warm hospitality.
8 hours
Day Trips & Excursions

Day Trip to Biwako Valley and Keisoku-ji Temple from Nagoya

A day trip to visit two famous spots for autumn scenery in Shiga prefecture: Biwako Valley and Keisokuji Temple. Experience 'the red carpet' at Keisokuji Temple before taking to the skies and enjoying autumn leaves from the air on a ropeway cutting through Biwako Valley with spectacular views of Lake Biwa below. With Kyoto prefecture just next door, Shiga gets unfairly overlooked as a tourist destination yet boasts some of the best autumn leaves scenery in the country. Beat the crowds and see it for yourselves on this tour that runs only in November. There are just four departure dates so get booking now!
11 hours