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Outside winter the mountain's lakes, ponds and overlooks make it an excellent destination for hikers. In 1980, some 130 sq km of land was designated a Unesco-protected Man and the Biosphere (MAB) Reserve.

If you don't ski or hike, the only compelling reason to visit are the glorious green-season vistas from Rte 292 as it winds its way up from Yudanaka, then around twisty peaks, past lakes and the craters of active volcanoes, and down to the village of Kusatsu Onsen: it's one of mainland Japan's most rewarding drives.

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Snow Monkey Tour at Jigokudani in Nagano's Shiga-kogen

Tour starts at Nagano Station, and from there you will be taken to the Jigokudani Monkey Park. See the Japanese macaques warming up their bodies by bathing in hot springs. Your guide will tell you interesting facts about the park and the snow monkeys while you stroll around the park. After some time with the snow monkeys, head back for a delicious lunch at the restaurant near the Snow Monkey Park.After a well-deserved lunch, get ready for the snow part of the tour. Head up to one of the ski resorts of the Shiga Kogen highlands, the biggest ski area in Japan. This mountainous area was one of the scenes for the 1998 Winter Olympics and every year this area receives a huge amount of snow, making for some incredible scenery.Head to the snow activity slope, where you can play in the snow. Take advantage of the snow sleds, snow scooters, snow bikes, and more at the park. Those who have no experience skiing or snowboarding can find plenty of other things to do on the ski slope. After having fun on the slope, we will then ride a ski lift up the ski slope to an altitude of 1950 meters (5850 feet). Enjoy the panoramic scenery of the entire northern Nagano area.Itinerary:9:35am - Meet up with the guide at Nagano Station. The meeting point is across from the Shinkansen exit/entrance under the Information Board. Our guide will be there by 9:20.You will first go to the Snow Monkey area by public transport. Your tour has to get moving by 9:40am, so please don't be late!11am - Welcome to the Snow Monkey area! You will get to Yudanaka from where you will head to the Snow Monkey Park. After a 30 minute walk through a beautiful forest trail you will have arrived at the Snow Monkey Park.11:30am - Arrival to the Snow Monkey Park, enjoy Japanese wild macaques bathing in onsen or frolicking around the park.1pm - Have lunch nearby the Snow Monkey Park.1:45pm - Leave the lunch restaurant and go up to the snow-covered mountains of Shiga Kogen.2:30pm Arrival at the ski resort. After preparations, you can enjoy your time with various snow fun tools to go down the slope and play with fresh snow!4pm - Leave the snow fun area and then take a ski lift to go up the mountain. Enjoy viewing a mountainous scenery of Nagano and take some extra photos.4:30pm - The end of the snow activity. Prep for departure.5:15 - Arrival at the Yudanaka Station. A train back to Nagano Station leaves Yudanaka at 5:10pm.6:30pm - Arrive back to Nagano Station.