Top Choice Vegetarian in Sendai


The vegetable curries, macrobiotic tofu and fresh, colourful salads are the highlights of this stalwart of healthy dining, which rotates its menu regularly from a library of cookbooks on display. The occasional fish…
Japanese in Sendai

Aji Tasuke

In a city of fans of charcoal-grilled cow tongue, this little gyūtan has been steadily among the top few for some time now. Perch at the counter to watch – and smell – the grilling in action. It's next to a small to…
Japanese in Sendai

Rikyu Ichibancho Yanagimachi

The best gyūtan (charcoal-grilled cow's tongue) place in town is this tiny hole-in-the-wall filled with locals. It's very cheap, very fresh and there is an English-language menu so you don't accidentally order the t…
Japanese in Sendai


Spectacular evening kaiseki (Japanese haute cuisine) courses and crunch-for-lunch tempura are served in this evocative traditional building in the heart of Kokubunchō. Best for dining with two or more.
Izakaya in Sendai


Named after a Song-era fantasy epic, this classic izakaya (Japanese pub-eatery) specialises in charcoal-grilled kinki (also called kichiji, or rockfish), which is nibbled by sake-sipping customers propped at the bar…
Bakery in Sendai

Manhattan Bakery

Japanese bakeries often make sugary, limp bread, but not so Manhattan, which whips up delicious sandwiches to order from a variety of fresh toppings. There are just a few tables, so expect to get and go (on a picnic…
Cafe in Sendai

Gengo Chaya

In business for 130 years, this teahouse is known for its zunda-mochi, pounded rice cakes topped with a jam made from fresh soybeans – a Sendai speciality. The teahouse is on the eastern edge of Nishi Park, with whi…
Burgers in Sendai

Hosoya's Sandwich

In the middle of the entertainment district is this old-school burger joint that's been in business since 1950. The ice-cream sodas are great if you're not on the booze, plus there are also a few options for vegetar…
Vegetarian in Sendai

Jogi Tofuten

It's soybeans at every turn at this large tofu speciality restaurant in a quiet street in Aoba-ku and popular with students. Triangular, spongy and lightly fried, the tofu is only the starting point. Mix and match t…