Top Choice Bar in Sendai

Peter Pan

A music-loving father-and-son team runs this lounge-room-vibe 'rock' bar. Dad provides the soundtrack with his extensive, alternative-rock vinyl collection, while Son busies himself with the clientele. Coffee, booze…
Bar in Sendai


Bar Gallo is a tiny basement bar that keeps the tempo low and slow and mixes fruit-infused cocktails with a Japanese twist. Our pick is the lemon-and-ginger-spiked umeshū (plum wine, ¥650). The city's more eclectic …
Craft Beer in Sendai

Craftsman Sendai

When there's a global trend, like craft beer, the Japanese are never far behind. This small Craftsman outlet (there are a few popping up around the country) combines casual Italian dining with Japan's independent be…
Bar in Sendai

Mary's Rum Bar

At this intimate venue, hip Japanese bartenders serve rum in jars filled with crushed fruit and ice, while nostalgic hip-hop beats play to a warm crowd. Cigars and greasy food available.
Club in Sendai

Club Luxs

This is a great place to see Japanese club music in all its bouncy, uptempo brilliance. Lots of MCs, drum machines and glow sticks, and frenetic clubbers hidden under hoodies.