Top Choice Ramen in Sapporo

Menya Saimi

Sapporo takes its ramen very seriously and Saimi is oft-voted the best ramen shop in the city (and sometimes the country) – and it's not overrated. You will have to queue, which is annoying, but you will be rewarded…
Yakitori in Sapporo


Sapporo's ubiquitous budget yakitori (grilled chicken skewers) chain is handy in a pinch, especially if you find yourself hungry outside of regular meal hours. This branch is just north of Sapporo Station, but you c…
Ramen in Sapporo

Ramen Yokochō

This famous alleyway in the Susukino entertainment district is crammed with ramen shops, including branches of several venerable Hokkaidō shops. It's been around since 1952, and is keen to distinguish itself from al…
Seafood in Sapporo


These are the crab guys! The frigid seas surrounding Hokkaidō are bountiful and yield some of the tastiest crustaceans around. Try the 'kani-suki' (¥4400 per person), a crab version of sukiyaki; after the crab and v…
Barbecue in Sapporo


This popular joint gets so busy the air is thick with the smoke of grilling lamb. Most popular: the 90-minute all-you-can-eat, all-you-can-drink deal for ¥3100 per person on the 9th floor. It's ¥500 more on the 10th…
Market in Sapporo

Ni-jō Ichiba

Sapporo's original fish market is now mostly a tourist spot (since the wholesale market moved to a big modern facility outside the city centre). There are several shops selling kaisen-don (raw seafood on rice) for u…
Ramen in Sapporo

Ramen Kyōwakoku

An easy option for a bite to eat in the train station, Ramen Kyōwakoku is a collection of ramen shops from all over Hokkaidō. It's all here: Sapporo miso ramen, Asahikawa shōyu (soy sauce) ramen and Hakodate shio (s…
Sushi in Sapporo


This is something special: sushi for breakfast out at the fish market. It takes an effort to get here, but the sushi is excellent and you can wander around the market before and after eating. Sushi-no-uo-masa is sma…
Seafood in Sapporo

Kani-honke Susukino-ten

The Susukino branch of crab speciality restaurant Kani-honke. Look for the big red crab sign out front.
Barbecue in Sapporo


This is where Sapporoites take friends visiting from out of town for the local speciality jingisukan (all-you-can-eat lamb dish). There's nothing fancy here, just quality meat and a warm homey vibe. Daruma, in busin…