Sai-ko attractions

Cultural Centre in Sai-ko

Sai-ko Iyashi-no-Sato Nenba

On a serene wooded hillside facing Mt Fuji is this faithful recreation of a peasant village that was washed away by a landslide in 1966. Visitors can wander in and out of the dozen or so thatched houses, some of whi…
Cave in Sai-ko

Sai-ko Kōmoriana

Despite being known as the Bat Cave, you'll spot neither bats nor caped crusaders in this 350m long complex (the former are only active at night). Nevertheless, it's still fun to scramble over the ancient lava flows…
Cave in Sai-ko

Narusawa Hyōketsu

Not for the claustrophobic, the Narusawa Hyōketsu (ice cave) was formed by lava flows from an eruption of Mt Fuji in 864. It takes about 10 minutes to walk through to the end to see the ice pillars, which are at the…
Cave in Sai-ko

Fugaku Fuketsu

The Wind Cave (also known as the Lava Cave) was used to store silk-worm cocoons in the past. Getting a combination ticket for this and Narusawa Hyōketsu makes sense, as they're a 15-minute walk from one another, or …
Viewpoint in Sai-ko


There are good views of Mt Fuji from this lookout building, especially popular in autumn when the Aokigahara Forest is a sea of red. It's a 30-minute walk uphill from the Koyodai Ent. bus stop on the blue line.