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Getting There & Away

Sado Kisen runs frequent car ferries (from ¥2170/10,910 per adult/car, three hours) and hydrofoils (¥6390, one hour) between Niigata and Sado's main port of Ryōtsu. Service is greatly reduced outside the summer months. It's generally cheaper to rent a car on the island than take one on the ferry.

From Naoetsu-kō, about 90km southwest of Niigata, there are also up to three daily car-ferry services to Ogi (from ¥3780/13,340 per adult/car, 2½ hours); these are particularly useful during Earth Celebration.

From March to November there are one to three daily high-speed ferries (¥2830, one hour) between Akadomari and Teradomari, 45km south of Niigata.