Rishiri-Rebun-Sarobetsu National Park restaurants

Top Choice Seafood in Rebun-tō

Robata Chidori

Chidori does real robata-yaki, charcoal grilling in a pit built into the table. The speciality of the house is hokke chanchan-yaki (ホッケチャンチャン焼; ¥1000) – island-caught Okhotsk atka mackerel grilled with miso. The ika…
Seafood in Rebun-tō

Kaisen-dokoro Atoi

Run by the island's fishing collective (and closed the moment the sea urchin season ends), Atoi serves generously portioned kaisen-don (raw seafood over rice) using locally caught uni (sea urchin) and ebi (shrimp). …
Cafe in Rishiri-tō

Tsuki Café

A surprisingly tasty cafe for a ferry terminal, Tsuki serves up coffee, cakes and curries to waiting passengers. Service is so-so, and nonsmokers may have to cough their way through the meal, but the large picture w…