Top Choice Fusion in Takayama


Sakurajaya is what you get when you take a Japanese man to Germany, introduce him to the European culinary arts, hone his craft over years then plonk him down in the quiet back lanes of Takayama. His wonderful artis…
Top Choice Fusion in Nagano

Fujiya Gohonjin

Until recently this imposing 1923 building was Nagano's most venerable Hotel Fujiya, and had been since 1648. It has since been transformed into the city's most elegant Western restaurant and function centre. The sp…
Top Choice Fusion in Kagoshima

Cafe Lakan

This lovely little fusion cafe has delicious daily specials that mix Japanese, Italian and other Western cuisines. Decor is dark wood with a bar; it's the kind of place you'll see groups of office ladies out for lun…
Fusion in Karuizawa


This is a wonderful place to sample a wide variety of Japanese and Western dishes, including an excellent large serve of tempura soba (¥1940) or, for something different, avocado and Camembert salad (¥790). Or just …
Fusion in Kamakura


Mixes ocean views with an organic hemp-based menu, including vegetarian hemp taco rice, several vegan options, macrobiotic cakes and hemp beer. From Hase Station, it's a short walk to the beach and a left turn on to…
Fusion in Tazawa-ko


Delicious, organic lakeside cafe known for its starring role in a Korean film. Salads, soups and local beer make for a very satisfying lunch.
Fusion in Niigata

Kanda Grill

Yōshoku (Western-style) cuisine is a treat for homesick Japanophiles. This grill house does a good katsu-don (rice topped with a fried pork cutlet) and hamburg teishoku (set meal that involves hamburgers); try the c…
Fusion in Tazawa-ko

Tazawako Beer Brewery Restaurant

A great discovery for beer lovers is this lakeside brewery tapping into fine hops and water from the region. The casual dining is impressive too, especially the donburi set meals and the desserts. Non-drivers can at…
Fusion in Niigata

Pulp Fiction

This beer-and-bourbon bar's chef sizzles amazing yakitori, curates cured meat and cheese plates, and whips up various fried delicacies to complement the fiery cocktails. The decor is polished wood, lava lamps and mo…