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Top Choice Castle in Ōzu


One of Japan's most authentically reconstructed castles, Ōzu-jō and its outlying buildings are original survivors from the Edo period. The castle is an impressive sight above the river, but exploring its interior is…
Area in Ōzu

Old Town

Ōzu's old town is well worth a stroll, with a number of Meiji-era houses plus Akarenga-kan, a red-brick building constructed in 1901, which was originally Ōzu Commercial Bank but later became the town's police HQ. S…
Gardens in Ōzu


Across town from Ōzu-jō, Garyū-sansō is an elegant Meiji-period teahouse and garden in an idyllic spot overlooking the river. On Sundays from April to October, you can partake in the tea ceremony (from 9.30am to 3.3…