Bus in Yakushima

Arakawa Mountain Bus Stop

Buses depart from the Yakusugi Museum parking lot, with up to six departures and eight returns daily, depending on season. You must purchase a ticket at least a day in advance; also note that this fare is not covere…
Ferry in Ōsumi Islands

Ferry Toshima

Based in Kagoshima, operates irregular ferries to the Tokara-rettō (トカラ列島).
Ferry in Ōsumi Islands

Ferry Mishima

Operates irregular ferries between Kagoshima and tiny Mishima island.
Boat in Yakushima

Tane Yaku Jetfoil

Operates high-speed boat services between Kagoshima and Yakushima.
Ferry in Tanegashima

Ferry Hibiscus

Regular sailings between Kagoshima and Tanegashima.
Bus in Yakushima

Kigen-sugi Bus Stop

Nearest bus stop to Yodogawa-tozanguchi trailhead.
Airport in Yakushima

Yakushima Airport

Airport in Tanegashima

Tanegashima Airport

Car Rental in Yakushima

Toyota Rent-a-Car

Ferry in Yakushima

Yakushima 2 Ferry