Top things to do in Ōsumi Islands

Top Choice Landmark in Yakushima


This enormous yakusugi tree is estimated to be between 3000 and 7000 years old, and though no longer living, it remains a majestic sight. Most hikers reach the tree via the 19.5km, eight to 10-hour round trip from A…
Top Choice Museum in Tanegashima

Space Science & Technology Museum

Reopened in 2017 after an extensive re-design, Tanegashima's Space Centre, on the spectacular southeastern coast of the island, is a large parklike complex with rocket-launch facilities. Its Space Science & Tech…
Sports & Outdoors in Yakushima

Nakagawa Sports

Rents and sells everything from rainwear (from ¥1200) and waterproof hiking boots (available in larger gaijin sizes) to tents and baby carriers.
Museum in Yakushima

Yakusugi Museum

In a forested spot with sea views, the Yakusugi Museum has informative, beautifully designed exhibits about yakusugi and the history of the islanders' relationship to these magnificent trees. The museum offers an ex…
Museum in Tanegashima

Tanegashima Development Centre – Pistol Museum

Though one focus is on the history of guns in Tanegashima, with an excellent collection of antique firearms, this is actually a cultural and natural-history museum. The combined ticket includes admission to an inter…
Cafe in Yakushima

Naa Yuu Cafe

Down a dirt road and facing a field of wild reeds, this cute cafe feels vaguely Hawaiian. The menu, however, leans more toward Thailand. Lunch sets range from red curry to Kagoshima black-pork-sausage pizza, and the…
Izakaya in Tanegashima

Koryōri Shirō

Head to this friendly little izakaya (Japanese pub-eatery) in Nishi-no-Omote to sample tasty dishes such as the sashimi teishoku (sashimi set; ¥1200). There are plants out the front and blue-and-white noren (doorway…
Waterfall in Yakushima


On the west coast is Yakushima's highest waterfall, at 88m. It's a five-minute walk from Ōko-no-taki bus stop, which is the last stop for some of the buses running south and west from Miyanoura and Anbō (note that o…
Seafood in Yakushima


Find a full range of Japanese standards such as sashimi teishoku (sashimi set; ¥1700) or ebi-furai teishoku (fried shrimp set; ¥1400). Look for the blue and whitish building with automatic glass doors along the main…
Beach in Tanegashima


Nearby to the Space Centre, this coastline is home to a beautiful stretch of white sand popular with surfers. The best spot to enjoy it is the beach in front of the Iwasaki Hotel (closest bus stop: Iwasaki Hotel), w…