Top Choice Department Store in Osaka

Hankyū Umeda Department Store

Hankyū, which first opened in 1929, pioneered the now ubiquitous concept of the train-station department store. One of Japan's largest department stores, 'Ume-Han' is also among the most fashion-forward, with a good…
Top Choice Homewares in Osaka

Tower Knives

Tower Knives has a fantastic selection of kitchen knives – both carbon steel and stainless steel; some are hand-forged by Osaka artisans. Best of all, the English-speaking staff will walk you through the different s…
Top Choice Market in Osaka

Dōguya-suji Arcade

This long arcade sells just about anything related to the preparation, consumption and selling of Osaka's principal passion: food. There's everything from bamboo steamers and lacquer miso soup bowls to shopfront lan…
Top Choice Books in Osaka

Standard Books

This cult-fave Osaka bookstore prides itself on not stocking any best sellers. Instead, it's stocked with small-press finds, art books, indie comics and the like, plus CDs and quirky fashion items and accessories.
Department Store in Osaka

Tokyū Hands

Nominally a DIY and houseware chain, Tokyū Hands is Japan's favourite place to browse for items you probably didn't need but will end up loving. It's stacked floor-upon-floor with everything from obscure tools to de…
Shopping Centre in Osaka

Shinsaibashi-suji Shōtengai

East of Midō-suji, Shinsaibashi is one of Japan's great shopping zones, most notably in this eight-block-long covered arcade that's crammed with domestic and international clothing brands, drugstores, bookstores and…
Books in Osaka

Maruzen & Junkudō Umeda

This is the largest bookstore in Osaka, the result of two established chains joining forces. There's a big range of English-language books (on the 6th floor) and travel guides (3rd floor). It's in the Andō Tadao–des…
Arts & Crafts in Osaka

Retro Insatsu Jam

This old warehouse has a work space with vintage silkscreen machines that allow local artists to create small batches of T-shirts, posters, notecards, zines and the like, which are also sold in the shop here. Meanwh…
Books in Osaka

Village Vanguard

Village Vanguard bills itself as an 'exciting' bookstore, and it's a great starting point for fun, nontraditional, pop- and street-inspired mementos of your time in Japan. Between the cluttered book and magazine rac…
Music in Osaka

Flake Records

Flake is Osaka's most in-the-know music shop, selling new and used, local and imported, CDs and records. The owner speaks some English; ask him for his recommendations on local bands. This is also a good place to pi…