Top Choice Museum in Osaka

National Museum of Ethnology

This ambitious museum showcases the world's cultures, showing them to be the continuous (and tangled) strings that they are. There are plenty of traditional masks, textiles and pottery but also Ghanaian barbershop s…
Museum in Osaka

Momofuku Andō Instant Ramen Museum

From its humble invention in 1958 by Andō Momofuku, (1910–2007; later chair of Nissin Foods), instant rāmen has become a global business and one of Japan's most famous exports. Exhibits here illustrate the origin of…
Museum in Osaka

Museum of Oriental Ceramics

This museum has one of the world's finest collections of Chinese and Korean ceramics, with smaller galleries of Japanese ceramics and Chinese snuff bottles. At any one time, approximately 400 of the gorgeous pieces …
Museum in Osaka

Osaka Museum of History

Built above the ruins of Naniwa Palace (c 650), visible through the ground floor, this museum tells Osaka's story from the era of this early palace to the early 20th century. English explanations are pretty sparse, …
Museum in Osaka

Liberty Osaka

Japan's first human rights museum began in 1985 as an archive of documents relating to the burakumin – the lowest caste under the old feudal system (against whom discrimination continued into the modern age). The mu…
Museum in Osaka

National Museum of Art, Osaka

Originally built for Expo '70, this underground construction by architect Cesar Pelli now houses Japan's fourth national museum. There's a decent collection of 20th-century works by Japanese artists. The building – …
Museum in Osaka

Osaka Museum of Housing & Living

Two subway stops from Umeda, this museum contains a life-sized reproduction of an 1830s Osaka neighbourhood with shophouses, drug stores, an old-style sentō (public bath) and more. You can try out traditional toys a…
Museum in Osaka

Abeno Harukas Art Museum

This state-of-the art museum inside Abeno Harukas hosts temporary shows that vary wildly, including, so far, Renaissance painting and tantric Buddhist artifacts.