Top Choice Museum in Osaka

National Museum of Ethnology

Located within the expansive Osaka World Expo Park (Banpaku-kōen), this fabulous museum brims with interesting and colourful objects for a whirlwind tour through many of the world's cultures. Exhibits range from Bol…
Top Choice Museum in Osaka

Open-Air Museum of Old Japanese Farmhouses

In the park Ryokuchi-kōen, this fine open-air museum features a collection of traditional Japanese country houses, transported here and painstakingly reconstructed. Most striking is the giant gasshō-zukuri (steeply …
Top Choice Aquarium in Osaka

Osaka Aquarium Kaiyūkan

Kaiyūkan is easily one of the world's best aquariums. An 800m-plus walkway winds past displays of sea life from around the Pacific 'ring of fire': Antarctic penguins, coral-reef butterflyfish, unreasonably cute Arct…
Castle in Osaka


After unifying Japan in the late 16th century, General Toyotomi Hideyoshi built this castle (1583) as a display of power, using, it's said, the labour of 100,000 workers. Although the present structure is a 1931 con…
Top Choice Shinto Shrine in Osaka

Sumiyoshi Taisha

Dedicated to Shintō deities of the sea and sea travel, this graceful shrine was founded in the early 3rd century and is considered the headquarters for all Sumiyoshi shrines in Japan. The buildings are faithful repl…
Top Choice Notable Building in Osaka

Umeda Sky Building

Opened in 1993 and named one of the world's top 20 buildings, the Sky Building resembles a 40-storey, space-age Arc de Triomphe. Twin towers are connected at the top by a 'floating garden' (really a garden-free obse…
Ferris Wheel in Osaka

Giant Ferris Wheel

Among the biggest in the world, this 112m-high Ferris wheel offers unbeatable views of Osaka Bay and the seemingly endless Osaka/Kōbe conurbation. Give it a whirl at night to enjoy the vast carpet of lights.
Buddhist Temple in Osaka

Hōzen-ji & Fudō-myōō Statue

Only a short walk south of Dōtombori Arcade you'll find Hōzen-ji, a tiny temple hidden down a narrow alley. The temple is built around a moss-covered Fudō-myōō statue. This statue is a favourite of people employed i…
Museum in Osaka

Museum of Oriental Ceramics

This museum has one of the world's finest collections of Chinese and Korean ceramics, with smaller galleries of Japanese ceramics and Chinese snuff bottles. At any one time, approximately 400 of the gorgeous pieces …
Notable Building in Osaka

Osaka City Hall

Mid-1980s building incorporating some elements from the 1921 City Hall.