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Top Choice Gallery in Ōmi-shima

Tokoro Museum

This museum boasts a small but interesting collection of modern sculpture, often satirical, in a hilltop building with stunning sea views from the deck. The ride up is hilly but worth it.
Museum in Ōmi-shima

Toyo Ito Museum of Architecture

This ode to architecture and Ōmi-shima showcases the natural beauty of the island through two buildings designed by internationally acclaimed architect Itō Toyo. Resembling a giant section of honeycomb, the black me…
Shinto Shrine in Ōmi-shima


Ōyamazumi-jinja is one of the oldest Shintō shrines in western Japan. The deity enshrined here is the brother of Amaterasu, the sun goddess. The present structure dates from 1378, but in the courtyard is a 2600-year…