Top things to do in Okinoerabu-jima

Izakaya in Okinoerabu-jima

Mōri Mōri

This super-friendly izakaya in Wadomari offers small dishes such as gōyā champurū (bitter melon stir-fry; ¥500). See if you can break the local beer-chugging record, which stands at under three seconds. It's a littl…
Izakaya in Okinoerabu-jima

Izakaya Sō

Head towards the port from town, and on the main road after the bridge you'll spy an ersatz waterwheel in front of a corner restaurant. Step inside and you'll find a friendly izakaya serving interesting local specia…
Cave in Okinoerabu-jima


On the southwest slopes of Ōyama (the mountain at the west end of the island), you will find this brilliant limestone cave with 600m of walkways, disco-era illumination, and narration in Japanese. It's a few kilomet…
Viewpoint in Okinoerabu-jima


This cape, at the northwest tip of the island, has ancient coral that has been upthrust to form a 40m cliff.
Viewpoint in Okinoerabu-jima


At the island's northeast tip, this blowhole in the limestone rock shoots water 10m into the air on windy days. Otherwise, it's a dramatic spot from which to watch waves crash and swirl through the rock formations b…
Beach in Okinoerabu-jima

Wanjo Beach

A peaceful spot for a picnic, especially on your way to or from the airport, this beach is a bit on the slim side but is a nice stretch of Okinoerabu's northern coast.